Soft Play – (6mths to 4yrs). A 45min free play class that is all about providing the child with a strong foundation for their critical early years. Vital movement opportunities that link with a child’s brain development and coordination skills. Parents play a very important part in this class as it is their job to facilitate these movement opportunities through support, manipulation and spotting. Passive exercise is an excellent opportunity to help baby maintain joint mobility and stability.

Tiny Tumblers- (12mths to 4yrs). This 1hr class is more structured than Soft Play but still allows time for children to explore independently. We are very proud to promote and use the Nationally Recognised Kindergym Program from the first stage of the Launchpad Program. Designed for children to optimise brain development and increase physical potential before they go to school. It promotes a wide range of movement activities and encourages them to think, create, construct and solve problems with their own bodies through equipment set-ups. Also, develops your child’s physical, social and cognitive development.

Junior GymFun – (4-5yrs). This class is designed for children aged between 4-5yrs of age. Ideally it is to bridge the gap between Kindergym and GymFun programs. This will suit all children preparing for the transition into kindergarten. This class will encourage them to participate in a more structured lesson, while learning to follow instructions. This class is circuit based, doesn’t require parent participation and will encourage children to try skills supervised by qualified coaches. A great way to further advance their skills for GymFun and Rec Gym or Squad classes.

GymFun – (5-8yrs). The second stage of the Launchpad Program, these classes focus on fundamental movement patterns that will help kids to then progress into the GFA classes. Basic coordination skills are frequently taught. This fun environment includes games and activities that encourages kids to work with others, cooperate and build self-esteem, while also promoting increased strength and flexibility.

Rec Gym – (6+yrs). This program part of our Gym For All (GFA) is designed for those gymnasts ready for the next step. We introduce routines from the Australian Levels Program (ALP) and the gymnasts get the chance to challenge themselves and build on their skills further. These classes incorporate strength and flexibility components in the lesson and refine skill techniques.

FreeG – (Jnr 5-10yrs, Snr 10+yrs). This is a new Gymnastics class designed similar to parkour classes, first developed by British Gymnastics, FreeG fuses traditional gymnastics and acrobatic tricks, with kicks and leaps made famous through martial arts and brought to worldwide attention by festival performances and stunt actors.

Squad – (5+yrs). For the more competitive gymnasts. Those enrolled in these classes are required to attend a minimum of 2 afternoons per week (min. 3hrs/wk). The classes follow a predetermined rotation schedule to ensure that gymnasts learn skills on all apparatus’s and have time to practice. Attention is given to strength, flexibility and conditioning so that the gymnast can work towards achieving correct technique and good form. Constant repetition while striving for good technique is the key to continued progress.

Acrobatics – (all ages). Open to all, Acrobatic Gymnastics combines gymnastics elements and thrilling skills into a fun, team-based environment. Designed to grow participants coordination, strength and teamwork. Teams practice balance, throws and dance elements and incorporate that in spectacular routines with friends.

TeamGym – (all ages). TeamGym is an exciting way to combine parts of tumbling, mini tramp and dance into awesome routines. You get the opportunity to flip, roll, jump and dance with your friends. Team Gym is suitable for all ages and abilities and a great way to stay in the gym sport. Teams compete in either Novice, Intermediate or Advanced divisions.

Adult Gym – (16yrs & up). Gymnastics is not just for kids!! These classes are self-paced. Gymnastics is a whole-body exercise, it’s all about safely increasing the range of motion, and exercising different muscle groups. Along with regaining/maintaining strength, it also increases flexibility. So whether you’re making a comeback to gymnastics or have never done it before, these classes will meet all your needs.

School Holiday Programs

We offer Gymnastics based school holiday programs. Ask our admin staff or check our social media for dates.

Birthday Parties

Want a stress-free party solution? Celebrate your child’s birthday at our gym. We setup, supervise and clean up after them. Children are led by our qualified coaches and get to bounce, balance, swing and flip around the gym.


All Gymnasts must become members of Yass Gymnastics and Swim school for 2023.
The registration includes Membership and Insurance form Gymnastics NSW, Until 31st December 2023.
This must be paid once per person, in full before enrolling into any classes.

  • General Membership (Jan to Dec 2023) is $75.00 per gymnast
  • Competitive Membership (Jan to Dec 2023)is $115.00 per gymnast
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